Clear Ice Ball Experiments
(For 8F + Freezers)

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2.5 inch Silicone Ice Ball Maker Mold Sphere Large Tray Whiskey DIY Mould DX

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  1.  Fill container to the top with bottled spring water.
  2.  Fill the mold and seal with finger.
  3.  Lower inverted mold into container.
  4.  Cut bubble wrap large enough to cover ball and sides.
  5.  Secure bubble wrap flat side down with a rubber band.
  6.  Trim about 1" below the rubber band.

*** The bubble wrap's flat surface faces downward and is an important factor in that it aids directional freezing.  The sides of the mold and any exposed water surface will freeze second to the direct top of the inverted ice ball mold. This provides additional trapped air, insulating the sides and surface area of any exposed water thus slowing and directionally freezing the water in the mold.  Dissolved air and particulates usually found in refrigerator/freezer ice as cloudiness are then slowly pushed out of the mold's lower exit hole leaving a clear, dense sphere.

  7.  Place in freezer for 20 - 24 hours.

  8.  Break the ball mold free.  Peel the top.  Extract the ice ball into the empty top.
  9.  Let the ice ball temper before pouring whiskey to prevent cracking.
10.  Enjoy your slow melting, 2.5" ice ball or store in a ziplock freezer bag.

Notice I removed the handle so it fits better in the freezer.


Other working experiments with excellent results:

Here's a vacuum insulated container (Crown FT-05 17 oz) with the cover cut to hold the ball mold in place.  

The ball mold rests on a 1 1/2" PVC stand with bottom pressure release notches.


This is a 32 oz, Doublewall Insulated, Walmart Party Cup in an ice tea mix cardboard container using Great Stuff spray insulation.  There is a 1 1/2"  PVC stand to support the ball mold.

This unit is a round, .99 cent store container, with cut-out for a 16 oz
Doublewall Insulated, Walmart Party Cup and spray insulation.  Drip line tubing, razor cut, to line the cut-out helps to insulate the cup.
16 oz Walmart Party Cup        $1.00
Ice Ball Mold                          $2.39
Round Container                     $  .99
Great Stuff Insulation Foam    $3.68
                                   Total     $8.06

Fill the container with spray insulation.  
Be sure to spray water on the foam and inside the container to help speed the cure.  Make a rough cut out for cup placement with razor knife.  Spray small amounts of foam to fill in air pockets and force cup into container to make a clean, air-tight fit.

At the left is the 32 oz ($2.00)
Doublewall Insulated, Walmart Party Cup in the spray insulated tea container.  On the right is the 16 oz ($1.00) Doublewall Insulated, Walmart Party Cup in the spray insulated .99 cent store container.  Each unit has an appropriate length 1 1/2" PVC stand to support the mold.

My favorite "Homemade" ice ball maker.

Great result !


This unit has a small footprint.  It's a vacuum insulated, stainless steel, doublewalled, 10 oz food jar from Walmart ($11.95).  Total for the 10 oz container and ball mold .... $14.34.  Using bottled spring water gives a clear, round ice ball and uses 14.5 oz of water.


Place the thermometer probe in a small container of vegetable oil to get an accurate reading.  It's good to remember that all freezers are not created equal.  Digital thermostats cycle according to a defined manufactured range.  Dial type thermostats can be adjusted in fine increments vs. preselected digital programs.  Freezers maintain temperatures according to air circulation and food distribution.  Door openings will play a role in freeze time or can jiggle bubbles in the freezing water, affecting ice ball clarity.  Consider placing your ice ball unit on the top shelf of the freezer.  It can be warmer there by 2 - 3 degrees.  Warmer settings for freezers produce clearer ice balls.  Starting at 0 F, set freezer warmer by 2 degree intervals until you get the clarity you want.


Insulator jacket for those warmer freezers:

Join two bubble wrap pieces, back to back (flat sides together), with spray adhesive.

Glue aluminum foil for heat refection to both sides of the bubble wrap.

Flatten and let cure.

These measurements are for Funtainers.  Use tape and silicon adhesive to assemble.

Cut the 2" hole at a slight angle to match mold.

Slips snuggly and seals at the ball.