How to build a fluid bed sluice stand.
See stand in the water.
EMT and PVC tubing/fittings are 1/2". The "T" Nuts are 1/4"-20 x 5/16" with matching eye-bolts cut to 1 1/2". Use hot ice pick to center and then drill pilot hole before drilling with 5/16". Hold "T" Nut threaded from behind with Eye Bolt and heat with torch. Sink "T" into rear of 1/2" plug and hold straight until cool. File or trim the protruding plastic slag to fit 4-way PVC.
All cooled. Plugs trimmed and ready for gluing. Notice the "T" Nut is well trapped between the 4-way and the plug when glued. I positioned my sluice at the 1 1/2" slope I wanted ..... close to that in the river so I could get an approximate angle for my legs. Chose my angle for the legs and glued the "chassis T" parallel to the sluice.
Matched the opposite side and glued. Carefully measured the length I wanted and glued. Notice the taper. This stand is for my fluid bed sluice and nicely traps it. This allows for lifting the sluice for cleanup and replacing it without having to change any setting when it goes back to the river. The corners are strong and give great support. Fits the sluice perfectly.
Yeah man! Where's the gold? Show me the money! Can raise and lower to optimize the correct water flow. This is what a 4" drop looks like. Might never use this much. It can get right down on the rocks.
Allows the sluice to be removed easily. Packed and ready to go.